I made it back to LA this week. Six months after I moved, I…

I made it back to LA this week. Six months after I moved, I didn’t even think I missed it. After my move to New York, I had replaced my favorite bars, had new bookstores and cafes to waste time in, and replaced delicious tacos with delicious slices of pizza. What was there to miss? 

But then, on Tuesday night, I went back to Dodger Stadium to watch the Dodgers and Rockies. That was when the eight great years I spent in the city hit me with full force. Yeah, I think Dodger Dogs are overrated, but there was something so soothing about seeing those narrow, long, foil wrapped salt bombs. The sun-washed blue and yellow seats screamed home to me and when I looked at the cresting mountains behind center field, it’s like I could hear Vin Scully saying “Welcome back, Michael. Oh and by the way, Uggla means owl.” 

My Tuesday night view

I knew I loved Dodger Stadium, but I didn’t realize the kind of sway it had over me in the years that I lived in LA. After all, when you’re at the game, you’re often thinking about the teams, the score, the concession lines, the weird dude who keeps bumping you with his feet sitting behind you. But when you realize you spent more time in that stadium every summer than you ever did at the beach or at the bar or with relatives, well, it makes some sense. I might not miss Los Angeles (too much), but damn, I love you Dodger Stadium. 

Anyway, here are some things I wrote this week: 

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And here are a few great things from the week that I didn’t write: 

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