PRODcast 136′s Old School Player of the Week: Marvis FoleyMarvis…

PRODcast 136′s Old School Player of the Week: Marvis Foley

Marvis Edwin Foley, was a backup catcher who played in part of five seasons with the White Sox and Rangers in the early 80s. He was mostly unremarkable, aside from his name (which sounds more like he should be one of Aretha Franklin’s backup singers than a baseball playist), but his glorious caucasian afro was quite markable. Over his illustrious career, he was worth -1 win, mashed 12 taters, had an OPS+ of 72 (not good), and racked up some serious frequent flier miles shuttling his fanny between the big league club and the minors. After reading his name, I was stunned to do a Google Image search and find out that he was actually a burly, hairy, white dude from Kentucky.

Marv is currently the roving catching instructor for the Colorado Rockies, and was previously a very successful MiLB coach, as he is the only manager to win titles in all three AAA leagues.