PRODcast 138′s Old School Player of the Week: Biff PocorobaBiff…

PRODcast 138′s Old School Player of the Week: Biff Pocoroba

Biff Benedict Pocoroba spent his entire underwhelming 10-year career as a Barve, and hit .257, mashed 21 taters, had an OPS+ of 86, and was worth -0.6 WAR. He made the NL All-Star Team in 1978 despite hitting .242. He was added to the squad because he was Phil Neikro’s personal catcher and nobody else wanted to catch that goofball’s junk. He was kind of like an optimized Jeff Mathis … a bad baseball player who carved a little niche for himself by being fun to pitch to I guess.

At his peak, Biff looked like a young James Franco with a creepstache, dabbled in some 60-grade dadhat, and looked mostly confused in every baseball card he took a photo for. There’s also a little Randolph Mantooth in there, but that is a reference that will be lost on 98% of our youthful and vigorous listening audience.

In retirement, he opened Sausage World, a specialty meat establishment in Lilburn, Georgia, which is definitely the name of a porn.