There is little that’s more depressing than walking into a men’s…

There is little that’s more depressing than walking into a men’s clothing store and seeing only three drab shades: Olive green, brown and navy. Other than a small splash of color on some plaid shirts, that’s basically what exists in 95% of stores for men’s clothes. As a fan of big, bold, beautiful color, it’s depressing. 

Fortunately, there are old school uniforms that aren’t afraid of going big. That want to be in your face like Poochie. These things – the tequila sunrise unis that the Astros wore, the bumblebees of the Pirates, the brown, yellow and orange things that the Padres donned – those are what I’m here for. 

And recently, I was lucky enough to talk to designer, logo creator and uniform expert Todd Radom about these uniforms. He recently wrote the book, “Winning Ugly,” about these sets and it was a great time of uniform geekery. Check it out here

A few other things that I did this week: 

There was the MLB draft. Not sure if you heard about it. With about 1,500 names called, there were plenty of good ones. These were my favorite (non-Owen Sharts category). 

Missed last week’s In Short Order? Well, dummy, don’t do that. I ran down the best moments in May, looked at Javier Baez’s walk avoidance and Joey Gallo’s amazing faces. 

And here are a few other things you need to shove into your brains: 

Effectively Wild talked to the always interesting John Jaso after he was barred from talking to his former Rays coaches. Why? Because he had his dreads and was dressed in a tie dyed tank top. 

MLB’s official historian John Thorn re-evaluated some of his favorite baseball tall tales

My sitemate Chris Landers looked into his crystal ball and predicted which players will be on the 2023 All-Star roster

OK, the World Cup is coming soon and for a few weeks our attentions will have to be divided. So focus up now!!!